It’s always interesting to watch people who act like President Donald Trump, and talk like President Donald Trump, support an opposite of capitalism.

We would think that someone like Jay Z would be more conscious, literal, or objective to the state of government, and economy. Either he is not, or he is avoiding reality like a chump.

A rich hard working black man that believes in hard work, capitalism and freedom of speech, is joining forces with the communist cancel culture?

I guess Jigga made it. It seen that he doesn’t want to promote the very reality that gave him prominence; good work ethics. No. Him, and his hard working wife perfer to commit to groups of people that have been destroying black communities throughout the year 2020.

FYI. Judas was a hypocrite, Jigga.

Published by nbttshug

John 8:36 " For if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed."

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