My confession: Rush Limbaugh

I look for Rush Limbaugh everday.

Interestingly, in the year 2020, Rush became my mentor. And I look for him now. I pray he get better, while I recognize that life is a consistent force for moving on. ” …from the dirt you came, to the dirt you will return.” An inspired writer.

God bless Rush Limbaugh

I hated Rush Limbaugh. I hated him because of nothing. For years, well before Donald J. Trumps presidency, I couldn’t stand Rush because someone told me something about him. ” He is racist!” ” He is a sexist!” ” He is some ism!” Yet, Rush was nothing to me but what I heard! I heard nothing.

Then one day, while I was observing black lives matter, and Antifa, burning down black communities, I tuned into Rush Limbaughs podcast! All of the times of me hearing nothing from Rush, I heard his frustration. I heard his anger. I heard his wisdom. I heard his simple analysis of the state of the black people’s reality in America. ( I apologize for not presenting his actual words, but paraphrasing. I’ll type about my relationship with Merlot at another time)

He was flaming! Rush talked about racism, and systematic racism in a way I never heard before.

He talked about Democrats promising to end racism, and never doing it. He talked about black communities being ran by black people, and never ending racism! He talked about the first black president, Barrack Hussein Obama, controlling the House, Senate, and Executive Cabinet, and not ending racism.

Again, forgive me for not presenting the actual date, time, and recording, but I woke up once again. I mean,my first wake up call was realizing that President Trump literally exposed over 60 to 70 years of pure corruption within our federal government, healthcare industry, education industry, special interest group. etc…. MY GOD

” Rush! I never thought about white liberals, and black leaders collectively destroying black communities for personal gain!” Gregg Freedom


We pray for your recovery Rush.

Published by nbttshug

John 8:36 " For if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed."

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